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BREATHE: Sometimes you just need life to be still... The amazing fragrance of Breathe will calm you so you can relax and reflect. Light up this beautiful candle and just "BREATHE".

The cobalt blue handmade glass brings thoughts of the serenity of a clear cloudless blue sky reflected over a calm sea. Hand poured by Bella Luci Candles, LLC

Our candles are made of USA grown soy and california Beeswax. We use only lead free cotton wicks.

With your candle is a special Clear Quartz Pendulum. Clear Quartz is an amplifier of focus, intention and energy.

 Keep this beautiful collectible fine art tube to store your candle or other treasures in. We want the words of the "I AM LIGHT" song to inspire you every day and to let you know you are worthy and loved.

On the label is an iQdio code. Scan the code with your phone and it will take you to a mobile web site where you can listen to the "I AM LIGHT" song and learn more about your India Arie Candle.

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