Lighting the World with Love, Peace and Hope.

All Bella Luci Candles are hand poured. The beautiful Alabaster glass is handmade. Our USA grown Soy and Beeswax blend makes the perfect burning candles. It burns 60 hours without any black smoke or carcinogens. The glass is reuseable, just wash out with hot soap and water when wax is 1/2 inch from bottom. Use as a drinking glass, etc. or order a 10oz. drop-in refill from Our fragrances are formulated by us and made here in the USA.

Burn at least 3 hours on the first burn so melt pool reaches sides of glass. Trim wick before each burn. Never burn a candle more than 4 hours at a time.

The Music of India.Aries song "I AM LIGHT" inspired our first MUSIC MESSAGE CANDLE. We are so proud that she is the first. There will be more to come.

The Fine Art Tube your candle comes in is the first of its kind and very collectible.  Keep it to store your candle in or any of your treasures. We want the words of "I Am Light" to inspire you every day and to let you know you are worthy and loved. LOOK on the back right of your label and you will see a iQdio emblem. Scan this with your phone and it will take you to a mobile web site where you can hear India sing the "I Am Light" song. How COOL is that!! You can learn more about your candle there also. You can download a barcode scanner app. in your app store for free. It's really easy. 

A  beautiful crystal pendulum comes with each candle. Pendulums are a tool for connection with higher guidance and wisdom. They can assist and support in making decisions. The pendulum can say yes, no or maybe to each question asked.  First, hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger and ask it to show you which way it would swing if the answer was yes, then no then maybe.  Once you have practiced some and feel comfortable you can use the pendulum to begin asking questions .

Keep your crystal close and enjoy its beauty and energy. Crystals are receptacles of energy and need to periodically be cleaned and cleared. There isn't a particular time line, it's a feeling and sense that the crystal is energetically not quite awake. Crystals can be washed with water, a moment is enough. You can burn incense or sage to clear them or utilize the sun or full moon for clearing. Most important have fun and enjoy your crystal.

We hope you will love this candle and spread the JOY!

                                                                                                 Bill and Donna

                                                                                                  Bella Luci Candles,LLC